Cottage Foods Act & Disclaimer

Cottage Foods Act Requirements 

The Colorado Cottage Foods Act requires “producers to be certified in safe food handling and processing by a third-party certifying entity, comparable to and including the United States Department of Agriculture or the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension Service, and must maintain a status of good standing in accordance with the certifying entity practices and procedures, including attending any classes required for certification.”

Safe food handling courses should include topics on safe food sources, personal hygiene, sanitation of equipment, worker illness, food temperature control, safe water, sewage disposal, pest control, proper hand washing, and control of toxins.

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Although we strive to keep wheat/gluten out of our products and away from the kitchen to avoid cross contamination we are required to make this disclaimer as a home products producer. You will also find this disclaimer on every individually wrapped item we produce and sell.

“This product was produced in a home kitchen that is not subject to state licensure or inspection and that may also process common food allergens such as tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, milk, fish and crustacean shellfish. This product is not intended for resale. ”